Featured ~ Columbia, SC Newborn and Child Photographer

If there is one child photographer out there that I could aspire to be it would be Skye Edmonds of Work of Heart and the author of Reverie. She is a true icon in the child photography world. Well, my friend and I submitted our back to school session to be featured on the Reverie blog….and she choose our work! This is truly a huge honor, as a child photographer, to see our idea and photos on the Reverie blog.

Columbia, SC Newborn and Child Photographer

Columbia, SC Newborn PhotographerColumbia, SC Newborn Photographer

Linda - Very pretty setting. Love the poses and the interaction in the last photo!

Letha - These are amazing! They should be the cover for back to school parenting magazines everywhere.

Bethany - What a clever, fun idea! So cute!

Doris - I just love everything about these pictures! Crisp, sharp, beautiful colors and the girls are too cute!

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